Randomness…A Poem For You

Don’t Count Me Out

I’m a little behind the power curve for finishing school,

But Don’t Count Me Out.

I’ve had to start over in my career,

 But Don’t Count Me Out.

I am a Veteran who has made enormous strides on a personal level

But Don’t Count Me Out.

I’m a Woman on a mission to make a difference in the World,

So Don’t Count Me Out.

My Life has been intriguing and diverse,

So Don’t Count Me Out.

Some see my personality, initiative, tenacity, and drive as a threat,

But Don’t Count Me Out.

I am of the Millennial Generation,

So Don’t Count Me Out.

I am a Woman of Faith,

And Honey, HE’s Never Counted Me Out.

I’m a Fighter

I’m a Believer,

A Humanitarian,

A Friend,

And a Daughter,


The Day After Thanksgiving..Less Shopping, More Reflecting

While many people stayed out late last night to begin their holiday shopping, I was filling up on my cousin’s good ‘ole Mac n Cheese and some sweet potato pie.


This morning however, I took care of a few holiday necessities. Bills first, then onto playing Holiday Elf for a few folks. Yes, it’s true I hit some sales early this morning….but hey…I did it in the comfort of my pajamas and in front of the laptop (for the sake of some people knowing where I got their gifts I won’t be posting pics. I have to be honest though, this year was more about me sharing the message of my appreciation and love for those in my life, than it was on spending an exorbitant amount cash.


Today was really about reflecting on the past year and my progress along my path. I’m so very thankful for the positive influences I consider as my go to resources; my supportive family and friends, my professional mentors who represent a variety of backgrounds, my #beblogalicious family, and even the random interactions I’ve had while out and about. It’s been a little easier this year to come out of my protective mode and open up to my environment and the people around me. I’m at the finish line in regards to my Bachelor’s degree and I’m super excited about what my future holds. It’s great to be able to take a moment and say “Thank You” to my Higher Power and the Universe for providing so much to appreciate and look forward to. I know there will be more opportunities, more smiles, and an amazing career in my very near future.

So the day after Thanksgiving what was on your agenda? Shopping those “Can’t Resist” sales or did you choose to take more time to reflect on what you’re thankful for?

Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month-The Pink Show

As we bring October to a close I’m reflecting on the past month and Breast Cancer Awareness events I’ve attended.

First was The Pink Show sponsored by Maisie Dunbar Spa Lounge and First Avenue Hair Design. This show was created to bring awareness via City of Hope but it was also a way to cultivate a large group of networking professionals under one roof.

The Pink Show for blog

There were some awesome donations to the show from around the community, just to name a few; Le Madeleine, Flo Wine, Chef DJ, and Potbelly’s. The food was amazing and the community was in for a real treat, Queen Aishah provided a bit of Comedy and Dr. Hazel Jackson spoke on raw foods and their benefits (antioxidants, energy, etc.)

Full Line Up Pink Show

Then came the makeover results , the Liberian Fashion, and the models.

Bluffajo Before and After - Nancy

                               Bluffajo Before and After - Tevyka                    High Fashion

The amount of people who came out in support of Breast Cancer Awareness  was a great sign that we can all come together for a cause donating our time, energy, and creative minds to share for all.

Maisie kept with the theme of breast health the following weekend by hosting free bra fittings. Mary Black of Coalesce Fashions & Custom Fitted Bras came to the spa. We discussed how detrimental underwire and padded bras can be, how often times women go years with the wrong sizing and measurement which can cause poor posture and deep grooves in the shoulders.

Bra Clinic

All in all the last two weeks of this month were eventful and informative, but I know that breast health isn’t just about the 31 days in October, we should be constantly looking for health information to enrich our lives in every aspect.

What did you do to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month?

For more information on about the companies in this post check out the below links:







#Blogalicious5 Social Squad Presents…..The 10 Commandments

The Blogalicious Social Squad Do’s and Don’ts from the Social Squad’s point of view.

This year I had the pleasure of being selected to be apart of the Blogalicious Social Squad. I thought the name itself was a no-brainer, wouldn’t you? Well, apparently we all take information into our own interpretation. With that being said some of this year’s Social Squad crew would like to give a few tid-bits to pass along for next year.  First and foremost…Read the Job Description. Not a social butterfly…probably not the volunteer position you should be requesting. So without further ado, here are the 10 Commandments collectively brought to you from the Social Squad by yours truly.

Social Squad Orientation     


– Seriously, I can’t believe we have to reiterate this one but, just in case a person is confused on what the SOCIAL  SQUAD does, we’re the group of people who are more than happy to assist in any capacity  to make the Blogalicious Experience FRIGGIN AWESOME. You must be able to pleasantly and cheerfully communicate with attendees, special guests, and each other.

” If you don’t like people this is not for you”

~ Towanda Long, Blogalicious Social Squad Veteran ~
Towanda Long SSB5


– There are two sides to this particular commandment

A) Being flexible and fluid because the schedule deems it necessary, this is a conference people but its not reality TV, things happen, plans change as do schedules. Be understanding, gracious, and a team player.

B) Being flexible also addresses…dun dun duuunnnn.Belt from Croods

LEARNING SOMETHING NEW…(cue the dramatic gasp) who woulda thunk it! Let the Blogalicious Experience take you on a pathway of knowledge young grasshopper.

~ Shonda Brewer, Lyssa Turner Sahadevan, and Kendra Williams Pierson; Blogalicious5 Social Squad ~ 


All Smiles Please!

– Ok, again how in the world can you sign up for the SOCIAL SQUAD…and not SMILE? I’m confused. If you’re not smiling how can we keep the guests and attendees from feeling the same way, you are the face of Blogalicious, whether it’s at registration or as a Human Directional Aid…smile like a kid in a candy store baby

“As a Social Squad Member we are the veins that keep the conference flowing”

~ Pamela King, Blogalicious Social Squad Veteran ~



– We all love to be recognized right? But listen, if you’re not on shift or plan to help out…Sweety take the flower off.

“ If you have your flower on be prepared to work”

~ Mandy Buckner, Blogalicious5 Social Squad~ 

“If you wear it…they will come”

~Tevyka Heyward, Blogaliciou5 Social Squad~



~ Ashley Ellis-Carter, Blogalicious5 Social Squad~ 

– Taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of everyone else at Blogalicious, honey if you need to eat something please do so; don’t be cute or feel the need to wait until the end of the day.


None of us are too busy to a point where you can’t go get yourself something to eat.


If you happened to just be feeling the music, hopped up and said “Awww yeah this is my jaaaaam”….Imma need for you to know Jana will see you and politely remind you of where you are supposed to be.

~ Special Emphasis on this issue brought to you by Mandy Buckner, Blogalicious5 Social Squad ~ 


– You are a Social Squad Member, not a crisis management officer…

Leave the drama to Joe & Jana or Pope & Associates…they’re the trained professionals. (he he)

– People who have not paid, were misinformed and may happen to be a little irate , or they just happen to show up and think we were offering treats or coffee, and swag bags for free…are no longer our problem…Ummm SECURITY!

** WARNING**, if you call security, even by accident (maybe that inner voice of yours got out before you knew what happened). THEY WILL STILL DIFUSE THE SITUATION…and even give great analogies for the future.


Example: Soo, you want to just come in and only pay for 1 session…that’s like going to a Falcon’s game and only wanting to pay for the last quarter, Sorry we don’t do that here…. Well played sir, well played.


–  Remember, you will be on the floor back and forth, up and down, and sometimes you’ll get dirty. Baby doll, you can dress sensibly and still be cute.

Everyone around this table is apart of the Social Squad..we were getting registrain ready yall!

Everyone around this table is apart of the Social Squad..we were getting registration ready yall!

“Thou shall come prepared to slang boxes in adequate work gear lest the wrath of Jana slayest thee!”

~ Thank You Toy Holmes, Blogalicious5 Social Squad ~

* You officially have my permission to laugh so hard you cry…If you haven’t already done so by this time *


– Be on time for your shift, this is a big one…Jana asks that we check-in at least 10 mins before our shift starts…Sweety someone has been sitting at their station for at least 2 hrs, if it was you, wouldn’t you want to be relieved on time?


Last but certainly not least, when faced with an issue…remember to breathe, just because someone else is having a moment doesn’t mean you have to.

“Stay Calm and Be Nice, especially when redirecting foolery that doesn’t want to be redirected”

~ Jameelah Carter, Blogalicious5 Social Squad ~ 

If you follow all of these tips, I promise you everything in regards to your Social Squad experience will fall right into place…No Really…It will.  Talking amongst ourselves this year we were blown away by the connection and sense of family we got out of our volunteer duties. We were able to network, create a FUN environment, and show real love and appreciation to each other and everyone who was in attendance. Heck, we even received a bit of love back. It’s all worth the time spent.

Social Squad Thank You

Something Like A Love Letter #DearBlogalicious

Pool Party 2012Dear Blogalicious Family,

I’m so glad I get the opportunity to see you all once again, its like an old school down-south family reunion. The past few weeks I’ve been reminiscing about times I’ve shared and spent with many of you over the last year, the experiences, and positive people I’ve met along the way.

I met the DMV crew of Bloaglicious while volunteering with my my dear friend Maisie Dunbar, for their pool party in preparation for Blogalicious12. I must say it was definitely divine intervention, Stacey, Xina, Jazzy, Amber, Nicole, Nae, Jamelah, and soo many more people immediately pulled me in and embraced me as one of their own…and I had only been blogging for about a month. Can you say NOVICE?

Needless to say initially I had absolutely no intention of attending the conference in Las Vegas, I had just started a new job and was not trying to bounce out on some leave/vacation, plus I was still a bit shy about mingling with a bunch of women I didn’t really know. At some point though, this idea just kept coming back, Go to Vegas, Go to Vegas…so I tagged along with Maisie since she’d have a display for BluffaJo (her amazing makeup line) and she too encouraged me to network my bum off and learn more about social media.

Then the big day came, the trip to Vegas was ehhh ok, but man once we got there we hit the gound running, setting up, making contact, and oh yeah getting settled at our hotel, which by the way was not at the Red Rock; word to the wise….NEVER WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE  TO BOOK FOR BLOGALICIOUS..major party foul…lol. Regardless Maisie and I got it all together just in time to hit the tweetup party. What a way to break the ice with other attendees. Wow, all I could think of was how friendly and personable everyone was. The next few days were such a blur, all the sessions, and people. Everyone was just so happy, every introduction heart-felt, NO DRAMA period. I was in heaven, what a diverse group of people, they were so cool, and ready to do whatever was needed to get each other connected, I LOVED this; I knew I could call this my new family away from home. The networking and intermingling wasn’t the only thing that caught my attention, EVERYTHING WAS FUN!!! From Tea Parties to McDonalds…oh yeah and then there was Doug E. FreshIMG_0869

…SAY WHAAT? Man, I couldn’t remember the last time I had had that much fun in a weekend and with absolutely no shenanigans. The weekend went by fast but little did I know this was only the beginning of my ongoing love affair with the Blogalicious Family.

Blogalicious12Over the past year I’ve gone to events that were either sponsored by Blogalicious itself or its amazing community members…actually they are more like family seriously. It Blogalicious was having an event, I was either there or tweeting my “oh how I miss n luv y’all”.

On a very personal note this community that is Blogalicious has given me just as much love as I have given them.So I just want to say, HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY BLOGALICIOUS!!! May we celebrate many many more together, and Thank You for Encouraging and Believing in Me!


BlogaliciousFIVE!!!!! Gadget Prep

Just a few weeks until the 2013 Blogalicious Conference!

I’m pretty excited and looking forward to seeing some old friends and meeting many new ones. This year I will be volunteering and lending a hand.

This year’s theme is CREATE.BUILD.FUND. How fitting for all of the things I’m trying to do in preparing for starting my own small business and much needed information for our NPO (kandkworldwide.org).

Even though I’ve been super busy with school and work, I have been able to take a look at the schedule of events  to see what sessions are being offered that I’ll want to go to….in between my volunteer duties that is.

It’s going to be great.

I missed the Google+ Hangout with Justice Fergie and Brotha Tech ( check it out here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xt7N1A8Wnkg&feature=player_embedded#t=0 ) , but I pulled it up on YouTube to hear what gadgets I should consider adding to my arsenal ( last year I ran into a power issue when my phone died mid-day……newbie move lol ). Plus I haven’t made the decision yet (lack of funds) as to which tablet I want to get I’ve been back and forth since the BlogaTech event a few months ago….

Microsoft Surface RT:

Microsoft Surface RT


The iPadblack iPad w Retina display

(I feel like I’m cheating on the Apple family, but I’m working off a budget here man 🙂

So far it looks like I’m set this year, I have my mophie charger for my iPhone, external power pack, and my Verizon MiFi, oh yes, I’ve learned my lesson 🙂

tech stuff Well this is only the beginning of my BlogaliciousFive prep blogs.  I guess next I’ll have to post my super essentials, the stuff I just can’t live without from my favorite luggage to the gotta-have-it hair products and makeup.

Tell me, what do you think you ABSOLUTELY must have with you for Conferences or travel of any sort? Leave me a comment below.