I recently took a step towards super cool hair styling. I’ve discussed why I went natural here on the blog before, but for those of you who didn’t have the pleasure of reading that post; I’ll make it simple. I did my big chop back in February of 2008, while deployed in Iraq. I had decided to take my freedom regarding my hair, and I mean that on so many levels. From rules and regulations in uniform to the expectation that in order to look neat and well kept I needed to have relaxed hair. So I BC’d in ’08 and for the last few years I’ve been trying to find what styles I love the most or my “Go To Styles” when all else fails. For the longest time I would just wear my hair out (Rocking the Fro), then I went to Two-Strand Twisting, and then within the last few months I’ve gone to wearing it in a “Puff Ponytail”. But after a few months of stalking YouTube tutorials and a plethora of Natural’s blogs, I finally broke down and bought one of the coolest inventions ever!!!! Yes, I bought Curlformers. I was a bit skeptical at first and just knew that it had to be some hard technique to putting them in my hair, but in all honesty….It was easy as pie! I’m not into making my own tutorials so I took pictures of a few steps through the process and a cute pinup style for travel. Not only was I using Curlformers for the first time, I was also using a new hair product (Naturalista Cosmetics) as well, and it worked amazingly in my hair. Below is the process with pictures. I have to say I was impressed, not only at the results but also at the fact that my hair has finally begun to grow past the TWA stage…OK OK way past the TWA stage, and I’m proud of myself for sticking it out and not going back to that “Creamy Crack”…lol

Hair Type: 4c/4b

Length: I have no clue. Nape of the neck and tip of my nose, yes to me that’s a length, I don’t have a measuring tape handy

Color: Dark Brown

I started in the back on freshly deep conditioned and detangled hair

I started in the back on freshly deep conditioned and detangled hair

After about 2 hours of this I'm finally done.

After about 2 hours of this I’m finally done.

view from the back

view from the back

The Curlformers are out and I'm pretty impressed!!!

The Curlformers are out and I’m pretty impressed!!!

Check out the length in front!

Check out the length in front!

I decided to pin up my curls since my trin ride would be a long one and I knew I didn't want to mess them up sleeping.

I decided to pin up my curls since my trin ride would be a long one and I knew I didn’t want to mess them up sleeping.

Here's a side view of my hair pinned up.

Here’s a side view of my hair pinned up.

I bought the Short & Wide Styling Kit ( Orange Clockwise/Pink Counterclockwise) from, priced at $48.95 for 40 curlers. After I made my order I realized that my hair is more than likely too thick for just 40 of these curlers and wanted to have a varied curl look, so I went to and bought 2 packs of Long & Narrow Starter kits (10 Blue Clockwise/10 Green Counterclockwise), these came from Sally’s Beauty Supply and cost $13.99 a pack (on the curlformers website they are $11.99). My order from Sally’s came first and the order came the very next day. Both arrived within 3-5 business days, so if you’re not in a hurry and want to save a few extra dollars, I suggest ordering from Curlformers directly. Here’s what they look like straight out of the pack.

40 Short& Wide ( 20 Clockwise/Counter Clockwise)

40 Short& Wide ( 20 Clockwise/Counter Clockwise)

Short & Wide/Short& Narrow

Short & Wide/Short& Narrow

Here's what the Curlformers look like on the hook.

Here’s what the Curlformers look like on the hook.

Now, I told you all I used a new hair product as well called Naturalista Cosmetics. I’m all about natural hair care products with none of the bad stuff (harsh chemical additives), so when I read about this product I was interested, when my stylist Candace of NNatural Hairstudio used the Juicy Leave In Conditioner in my hair with an Updo, I was in like, after I used the Juicy Elixir Herbal Moisturizer& Detangler and Juicy Leave In Conditioner…I was in love, that’s not even mentioning the fact that the AloeFlax gel made my curls super shiny and not stiff! *Caution these products smell absolutely yummy and will have you thinking there’ some kind of fruitilicious dessert part goin’ on while you’re using them!!!*

Juicy Leave In Conditioner, AloeFlax Gel, Juicy Elixer (Moisturizer/Detangler)

Juicy Leave In Conditioner, AloeFlax Gel, Juicy Elixer (Moisturizer/Detangler)

The only thing I was not happy about regarding using Curlformers was the fact that by the time I arrived in Yemassee, SC my dear old friend Humidity took all my curls away and left me with thick, juicy poofs of pinned up hair. So I’ve decided to try Ouidad’s Climate Control Heat& Humidity Gel instead. Also I didn’t realize how long my hair truly was so I have also bought Curlformers Long & Narrow, and Long &Wide set. In my opinion I believe Curlformers are easy to use and natural hair friendly. Overall, I’m pleased and know I’ve made a smart investment and I’ve also found a new style to rock with my natural hair.

Here are the websites for products used:

Curlformers: , , or

Naturalista Cosmestics:

I also found a few tutorials on YouTube that really helped, just type in curlformers on natural hair.

My Hair Journey: TBC…The Big Chop story of 2008

I’ve had many people ask me what I do to my hair and what was the reason I decided to go natural. Well here’s my big chop story :

Before my last deployment to Iraq in 2008, I had decided to put micro-braids in to  “protect” my relaxed hair (I know my fellow naturals are laughing pretty hard at that comment), but about a month into the deployment I just couldn’t take all the sand and dirt that came with the environment in the middle east, so I took my braids out. Now those of you who sport any type of braids know that you have to let your hair “rest” before you put a relaxer in, well I was in the “waiting” stage and a supervisor felt the need to tell me my hair looked awful and I needed to do something with it, now mind you I had been out on the airfield in sitting in a vehicle for most of my 12 hour shift. I was hot as fish grease, how could someone who had sat in the office all day tell me what I needed to do with my hair? Aside from that, how could someone who does not have my same ethnic background tell me what I needed to do with my hair? These questions along with some not so pleasant responses ran through my head, but I proudly had my “stay out of trouble” filter on. I decided to take a moment and compose myself before I got into some serious trouble, needless to say a young lady ( Sgt.W) who worked in the office next to me came out and asked me if I was ok, I’m known to have a cheery disposition, but everyone can tell and feel if there’s a serious storm on the front as well. I proceeded to tell her what the other lady had said to me and by the end of the story I was in tears. I didn’t have time to put a relaxer in that night, nor was it a good idea after just taking my micro’s out. At the end of my rant told her maybe I’ll just cut it all off and start over, then “so and so” won’t have anything to say because nothing will be there. We laughed about it, but then I realized I really did want to cut my hair…right down to the new growth. So I asked Sgt.W, who by the way had been natural for over 2 years, if she would help me. At first she was very apprehensive, ” T, if it doesn’t come out the way you want I don’t want you mad at me”. I told her  we were going for it, it was just hair and besides that, I was in the desert who cares about a short cut out here. So instead of going to the BX to pick up a relaxer, Sgt.W brought over some scissors to my room that night and we had a ball. It didn’t take long and I was in tears afterwards, but they were liberating tears for sure. The next day when I walked into work, mouths dropped. No one could believe I had taken that step, and I had received NOTHING BUT COMPLIMENTS on how the new cut was a good fit for me. I was smiling from ear to ear all day, or at least until the supervisor who had said something the day before felt a need to chime in. “SSgt. Heyward, I didn’t mean for you to do something so drastic to your hair, it looks nice, but you didn’t have to cut it”. My response to her in the most polite voice as possible was this ” Honestly, the comment you made did upset me, but I cut my hair for me.”, I asked if she needed anything else and then went out for my exciting shift on the airfield.  I can tell you that my Big Chop was only the beginning of  what I now see as my true change and a major step in life, plus I haven’t really looked back since. There is more to tell about this journey but for today, I’ll leave you with some pictures.

Ta Ta for now.