A Note for You….August 26th, 2015

As I prepare for another crazy chapter in my life, I’ve been giving myself little pep talks and encouragement. The funny thing is, as I talk to my friends, many seem to be going through similar issues. So, for the first time in a long time, I decided to press pause on my whirlwind life and write a post immediately. I hope that this finds you all well and can take from it the encouragement intended.

A note

Randomness…A Poem For You

Don’t Count Me Out

I’m a little behind the power curve for finishing school,

But Don’t Count Me Out.

I’ve had to start over in my career,

 But Don’t Count Me Out.

I am a Veteran who has made enormous strides on a personal level

But Don’t Count Me Out.

I’m a Woman on a mission to make a difference in the World,

So Don’t Count Me Out.

My Life has been intriguing and diverse,

So Don’t Count Me Out.

Some see my personality, initiative, tenacity, and drive as a threat,

But Don’t Count Me Out.

I am of the Millennial Generation,

So Don’t Count Me Out.

I am a Woman of Faith,

And Honey, HE’s Never Counted Me Out.

I’m a Fighter

I’m a Believer,

A Humanitarian,

A Friend,

And a Daughter,


Something Like A Love Letter #DearBlogalicious

Pool Party 2012Dear Blogalicious Family,

I’m so glad I get the opportunity to see you all once again, its like an old school down-south family reunion. The past few weeks I’ve been reminiscing about times I’ve shared and spent with many of you over the last year, the experiences, and positive people I’ve met along the way.

I met the DMV crew of Bloaglicious while volunteering with my my dear friend Maisie Dunbar, for their pool party in preparation for Blogalicious12. I must say it was definitely divine intervention, Stacey, Xina, Jazzy, Amber, Nicole, Nae, Jamelah, and soo many more people immediately pulled me in and embraced me as one of their own…and I had only been blogging for about a month. Can you say NOVICE?

Needless to say initially I had absolutely no intention of attending the conference in Las Vegas, I had just started a new job and was not trying to bounce out on some leave/vacation, plus I was still a bit shy about mingling with a bunch of women I didn’t really know. At some point though, this idea just kept coming back, Go to Vegas, Go to Vegas…so I tagged along with Maisie since she’d have a display for BluffaJo (her amazing makeup line) and she too encouraged me to network my bum off and learn more about social media.

Then the big day came, the trip to Vegas was ehhh ok, but man once we got there we hit the gound running, setting up, making contact, and oh yeah getting settled at our hotel, which by the way was not at the Red Rock; word to the wise….NEVER WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE  TO BOOK FOR BLOGALICIOUS..major party foul…lol. Regardless Maisie and I got it all together just in time to hit the tweetup party. What a way to break the ice with other attendees. Wow, all I could think of was how friendly and personable everyone was. The next few days were such a blur, all the sessions, and people. Everyone was just so happy, every introduction heart-felt, NO DRAMA period. I was in heaven, what a diverse group of people, they were so cool, and ready to do whatever was needed to get each other connected, I LOVED this; I knew I could call this my new family away from home. The networking and intermingling wasn’t the only thing that caught my attention, EVERYTHING WAS FUN!!! From Tea Parties to McDonalds…oh yeah and then there was Doug E. FreshIMG_0869

…SAY WHAAT? Man, I couldn’t remember the last time I had had that much fun in a weekend and with absolutely no shenanigans. The weekend went by fast but little did I know this was only the beginning of my ongoing love affair with the Blogalicious Family.

Blogalicious12Over the past year I’ve gone to events that were either sponsored by Blogalicious itself or its amazing community members…actually they are more like family seriously. It Blogalicious was having an event, I was either there or tweeting my “oh how I miss n luv y’all”.

On a very personal note this community that is Blogalicious has given me just as much love as I have given them.So I just want to say, HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY BLOGALICIOUS!!! May we celebrate many many more together, and Thank You for Encouraging and Believing in Me!


Motivation & Inspiration: PowerUp1020

**Warning** This post is long…no seriously I mean it’s really long, but so worth the read, I promise!

As of recently I have found it to be true that motivation and inspiration can come from some of the most unexpected places, at the most unexpected times. I posted not too long ago about the end of a relationship and how if it had not happened I wouldn’t be where I am today. Honestly over the last month I would have to say that breakup was divine intervention.

Let me explain:
For as long as I can remember I’ve been told there is a particular air about my spirit and energy. One elementary school teacher told my mother “She’s going to a an Ambassador some day”

~Side note, my parents took this as I talked too way much and told me to stop taking advantage of being persuasive 🙂 and let the other children in class learn.
** Hold on to that notion ‘cuz I’m coming back to it **
Let’s fast forward about 20 plus years and look at what I’m up to. I began this blog to find my voice and place not only in my physical location ( DC Metro Area), but also my place in life. Man have my eyes been opened this last month and a FIRE placed under my tush! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some truly phenomenal people over the last 6 months. Women and Men alike have given what they may have seen as a few words of encouragement, but what I feel and see now as the building blocks to my legacy. I’ve attended a few events and listened to some amazing speakers who have all motivated and inspired me; their message always boils down to “What are you waiting for?” and ” Step into your true place.”

PowerUp weekend, was a conference that really stirred my vision for what I want my legacy and life’s work to really be about. You see, at this conference it was all about us and where we ( as women) want to go and use our power. I was expecting to get some networking and words of wisdom, maybe even a little more ummph, to put me back where I was when I returned from Blogalicious12; but noooooo that’s not what went down at all. With great thanks to Uneeka Jay and her arsenal of Empowering spirits, I was moved beyond belief ( honestly I was almost in tears at times). Everything that was coming to me was not just from these amazing speakers but from something so much higher and powerful. “Stop waiting”, get rid of ” all I gotta do is”, leave the “I just” alone, and go TAN.
During our lunch, Helen Jonsen and I had a brief conversation about what I do and who I am, and afterwards I received my ah-ha moment. I got chills when I realized how passionate I am about encouraging others and my journey as a Veteran striving towards normalcy and reintegration into a society that really has no idea what to make of me. I finished my lunch awkwardly and even a bit uncomfortable, because the emotions that were stirring were unfamiliar to me, but later I realized it was my calling coming forth. I sat there reflecting on Uneeka Jay’s opening about “Before the Click” and Monica Barnett’s comment about using ” I just…” during The Power of Choosing Wisely. What just happened here? Why am I feeling like I’ve just been shaken at more core? After lunch, I sat through Helen Jonsen’s session stumped and practically rendered dumbfounded at anything I was asked to do. She wanted us to write down “wow” words describing ourselves, I COULDN’T GET THEM OUT!
To myself I thought alright this is it, I’m literally having a breakdown, but no my loves…it was a BREAKTHROUGH!
When the next speaker, Cheryl Pullins, started I didn’t even know if I was present anymore, that is until she hit us with “You Gone Learn T’day” and that’s when I snapped back to earth, whew that was crazy, but what I didn’t know was that things were about to get even crazier for me. As Cheryl took us through our session, more emotions came churning through my spirit and body, WTH ( what the heck, ham, what ever H-word you feel like inserting, you get the picture). Her message of “The Balance Myth” and the fact that it’s more about the “Choices & Decisions” we make in life really hit home. For the longest time I’ve been afraid of stepping into my place in the world because I don’t want to outshine anyone or come across as cocky, but the truth is, the person I was created to be is one with a Powerful voice to speak for those who can’t or are too afraid to do so. Dr. Nicole Cutts took this home in her session on “Creating a Vision Board for Personal and Career Success”.
One of our activities was to write down our ideal scenario for our life, be it work/career, lifestyle/possessions, relationships, personal/spiritual growth, or physical health. I chose personal/spiritual growth; now without getting too detailed into my vision let me say that this exercise that we participated in pushed me off the cliff of ” I’m not ready yet” into the valley of ” I’ve got a mission and I’m ready to start”. My mind and my heart raced as I got so excited about where I wanted to take my life! So as I read my vision to my peers and looked to my friend who had accompanied me, I read with confidence, conviction, motivation, inspiration, and above all else BELIEF. I was gonna do it and be fierce! Our closer, Mr. Jim Smith, spanked my “but” (as in told us to stop making excuses) and told me to go TAN ( take action now). I’m on it boss! I left PowerUp with a new attitude and outlook on my life.

I had shared my experience with my room mate the night before and she was pretty happy for me.
Kristy, (who is not only my room mate but also CEO/President of the non-profit organization I’m dedicated to) and I had a conversation about where K&K World Wide was going and the role I was playing in the enrichment program creation. Again the Universe and my Higher Power were speaking to me. You see, my desire for K&K World Wide is to create a Empowering and Enriching network for our children on a global scale. Our non-profit’s mission to assist orphanages in poverty stricken countries and our desire to work with our youth here in the U.S. is going to be such a fulfilling process. Kristy, prompted me on my thoughts and my mission. It was an amazing feeling. So here it is, Monday morning, and I’m still on this high given to me from beyond.
Remember that thought I told you to hold on to about a teacher referring to me as an Ambassador, well here it is, I’m claiming it and moving forward as an Ambassador for Change!
I’ve decided to take my passion for helping others and I am creating something mind blowing. I will be a voice for Women Veterans and our journey after service and all that lies between. I will create a network of mentorship and empowerment for our young, and Our Future. Even now as I write these words I feel chills and an energy like never before. I’m telling you now, this is going to be EPIC!
A special “Thank You” goes out to all of the positive Women and Men who have motivated and inspired me thus far, I pray I can return that same energy to you and the rest if the world.