My Very 1st Re-Cap: Blogalicious 2012

Where do I start for my very first event re-cap? Honestly, if I was to take you through every single session I loved, I’d be here for a week, So I’ll try and keep it short…at least try. Here goes…

The kickoff event was actually not on Day 1, but the Thursday night before at the Vegaslicious Tweetup at T-Bones Chophouse and Lounge. Here many of us were able to introduce ourselves, socialize, and of course try out the signature drink. There was plenty of laughs and card swapping (many by Moo), but around 9 pm something a little more important became a hot topic for the night…Scandal had made its way into just about everyone’s conversation, I was intrigued as to what was so sensational about the show since I don’t watch TV and have never seen the show myself. I did however make some awesome connections with a few folks, Jose Candelario (Official Funny Man), his wife Bonnie, Toni Harris, Meredith, and Aliah.

We were all smiles around the pit.


Here’s the signature drink for our tweetup..Welcome to Vegas Ladies!


Day 1, My day didn’t start at the Welcome Lunch like many others, mainly because I was there to help Ms.Maisie Dunbar of setup before the conference began, we started around 09:30. It was pretty exciting to see all the vendors/sponsors set up as well all before everyone began walking around and looking for information. Plus I was able to get my makeup done and be a walking advertisement for my friend Maisie Dunbar, not just for great mineral makeup but also representing an awesome makeup artist.

BluffaJo Cosmetics made its presence known at Blogalicious12!

Here I am..All Made up, ready to rock…and advertise 🙂


The Welcome Lunch was a true treat, between the creators of and  our keynote speaker Judene Walden,Executive Vice President of  the Moguldom Women’s Division, we truly saw how the rest of the weekend would run. Judene came in with energy and a bit of a history lesson on Digital Media, which I found to be pretty engaging. It was also a bit of a change to sit at the table and every single person there was on an electronic device of some sort, we all discuss from time to time how rude it is for someone to be on their phone while eating, but for this forum if you weren’t tweeting or taking notes via iPad…you did not come prepared.

Meet “The Justices” behind

My girl Nae Carter of was among the many who were lighting up the blogisphere and twittisphere during the luncheon.  

Now I’ll tell you this, there were so many events I really felt like I couldn’t keep up and that was just on Day 1. There was a Shop Your Way Afternoon Tea, Wells Fargo made a presentation on Empowering Your Financial Future, and then there were the Poolside Chats: Find Your Niche. Between sessions I was able to talk to other bloggers and find out what their passions were in regards to their blogs. The event that closed my night was the McDonald’s “Viva Las Ladies” reception, we had a blast socalizing, dancing, and picture taking.

Thanks McDonald’s!

Thanks to McDonald’s we had a blast.

We decided to strike a pose for the camera! Nae Carter, Aliah Davis, and T (me)









That wrapped up Day 1 for me, though many others took the “Trip to Da Strip!” I went to bed.

Day 2 started a bit earlier with our Kelloggs Love Your Cereal Breakfast, I  honestly found it nice, even though my archenemies watermelon made an appearance…I laughed in the face of my allergy…yes dear watermelon, I had my benedryl and I was ready! The sessions for Day 2 were just as great as the ones the day before; speakers like Mario Armstrong, Corynne Corbett, Miss Lori, the entire Box Tops 4 Education panel, just to name a few.

If I had to sum up Day 2 in a few words they’d be Uplifting, Encouraging, and Motivational. Negativity was nowhere to be found, just smiles and a whole lot of socializing. I did however have to have a moment afterwards…mainly because I was able to take a picture with Rozonda “Chili” Thomas!


Now for our evening events we were jammed packed with super cool events my two favorites were the   “Bowl For More Birthdays” sponsored by the American Cancer Society and the GainFresh party with…none other than Doug E. Fresh!! Ok, if you are an original Hip-Hop Fan you know this was the event to be at for our conference. Whether you’re in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or other wise you know without a doubt we had a blast.

A few of us took sometime to write about those who’ve touched our lives in regards to cancer.


6 minutes Doug E Fresh you’re  on…..

One of the many people I made friends with during the Blogalicious12..Aliah Davis

This party was epic, we rocked it until the DJ decided to play “Closing Time”(really dude?) but it was just as well since many would be getting up for the “Let’s Play” Playground beautification project early in the morning.

We had a Breakfast Conversation with Dr. Rosamarie Ingleton, sponsored by Eucerin and afterwards a good bit of sessions left, not to mention Manicures and Mimosas.

Yes, that’s Pink polish and my Pretty Peacock ring!


One of the sessions I truly enjoyed was the “Woman Behind the Blog: Perfecting Your Personal Image” Monica Barnett of Blueprint for Style, Uneeka Jay of Powerful Media, and Sharelle D.Lowery of Classy Black Girl all took it home when discussing your personal image and protecting it.

The closing event made my day, and was one I had been looking forward to all weekend. Harriette Cole closed us out in what I can now refer to as “True Blogalicious Style”. Harriette Cole discussed being your authentic self without sharing too much information…in “T” lingo that means “Put Your Filter On..You Know Better!” From Author to Entrepreneur, her story reminds me that we’re all a forces to be reckoned amongst our communities and we need to apply this in everyday life. What an honor to hear her speak.

    Should I send this? If you have to ask you already know the answer.

After all was said and done we all took some time for photo ops!

So that’s my Blogalicious12 re-cap in a nutshell…A VERY BIG NUTSHELL! Words that come to mind when I think of Blogalicious now: Positive Energy, Empowerment, Partnerships, Networking, Authenticity, Passion, Collaboration, and Social Good. All of these subjects were constants in our conversations and dealings throughout and I hope many others like myself will never forget them.