Randomness!! August 12, 2013

Hey Hey Pretties,

Here’s today’s bit of randomness:

– I’ve finished the Summer Semester…only to more to go until (Tap Dance!!)

– Took a minute to send a few tweets for our #nonprofit organization page…have soo much more to do (upload pics, bios, current projects)…whew I’m dizzy just thinking about it. @kandkworldwide

– Last but certainly not least, I shared a smile  and a hug today:-) Felt pretty awesome.

P.S. ……apparently I’ve been so busy, WordPress had to remind me about my Blogiversary….”Gotts ta do mo betta”  or in proper English terms, I have to do better keeping up…lol 🙂


Wishing you all a wonderful week full of smiles, accomplishments, and laughter.


Grocery Shopping Adventure…

So today I went on my lil “Eating Green” shopping excursion. I’m always armed with my book bag, cooler bag, and re-usable shopping bag( today I took the Levi’s bag I got in Kenya); I thought I was doing great, got all my awesome veggies and fruits, my milk (SO Delicious Coconut milk), some bread, and T.P. Sounds simple enough right, just a few necessities for the week…Wrong! My Levi’s bag broke a quarter of the way home and I had to “phone” a friend for help.

My Levi’s bag has made it thru Africa and other various countries…but not todays shopping trip.

SMH, I also called my Mom to tell her the funny story as I stood waiting, only she didn’t see too much humor in it since she told me to get a cart months ago. So I promised I would do so as soon as I got home 🙂
Moral to this story…LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER!!!! I did however buy a pretty cool cart on Amazon, can’t wait for it to come in.
Has anyone else had this happen when shopping or did you ever run into a situation where something your mother told you to do ages ago comes back to bite you in the tush? If so let’s hear it.
Hears my new cart by the way…

My new best friend for shopping!

Gotta appreciate

This evening was definitely an Adventure in Randomness:
I decided to go Qdoba for dinner, I was a bit preoccupied with my telephone conversation with one of my closest friends ( wedding planning discussion/for her not me). I was pretty sure I grabbed my keys on the way out and started on my little field trip. I got to Qdoba, and on the way back the conversation switched to help with an iPhone issue. As I’m explaining something I realize I can’t feel my keys in any of my pockets…crap how am I going to get into our building? I got in on sheer luck, but the next step was hoping my room mate hadn’t gotten in the shower or gone straight to sleep when she got off work….well I knocked for a few minutes and received no answer. She had turned her phone off, so I sent a message to her Facebook (Thank You Social Media) and waited, nothing for a few minutes so I realized I would have to go and ask downstairs to have someone come and open the apartment, by the way I’m still on the phone with the bride to be. I get on the elevator down to the lobby floor, feel my pockets for my ATM card because I’m now going to have to pay $50 to be let into my own apartment and what do I feel….but my keys of course. Deep down in the corner of my super baggy sweatpants were my 2 keys and security fob for our apartment. AIRHEAD!! So back up to the apartment I go, and as I get off the elevator I receive a Facebook message from my room mate saying the door was now open. I deem today Airhead Monday, my friend on the phone laughed at me, which happens often when I have these type of moments and said she was hanging up. Thanks for the support L.A. This really makes me appreciate having my room mate around, she’s pretty awesome, even on those days where she’s shaking her head at me laughing at how ridiculous i can be.

Adventures in Randomness# 2: Sunday Dinner

So, it’s Sunday risks normally this is the day my room mate and I make pretty decent dinners. Well, she has been doing more if it than I have since I started working, but since I’m off tomorrow and she’s not feeling to great; I cooked Sunday’s dinner. Baked Talapia, spinach, and broccoli au gratin. Now we have fuel to do our homework assignments…even though knowing my roomy will probably let hers get cold while she reads her assignments.


Adventures in Randomness: Story# 1…Go to bed T!

So we’ve all been to that point where we get so tired we just do silly and quite dumb stuff. Well today, was one of those days for me for sure. It started around 1:30 this afternoon at work, when I realized I had 2 spreadsheets saved with the same name but saved in different locations, and one of them I had started last week and never finished, all the new information I put in today was in the older version instead of the newer one that had more data in it. Then, after finishing up a different spreadsheet, printing the workbook out and making the final pen and ink revisions, I not only forgot to send it to the person requesting it….I forgot to save my work (seriously I’m not normally this much of an airhead ), so needless to say I had to retype everything all over again. To top it off as I was getting off the Metro I decided to put my phone away in the most random place…My Lunchbox. After walking home, picking up the mail, and having a full-on conversation with my room mate, I go looking for my phone to finish a conversation I was having earlier with my Mommy (yes at 29 she is still my mommy)… Low and behold I can’t find my phone, please don’t tell me I left it on the Metro ( this is not good), luckily like many others, I also use Skype. So what does this little genius peacock do? I call my cell from my skype…but I hear nothing, now I’m frantic! I ask my roommate if she hears anything and she asks if that’s my Skype ringing, I tell her yes because the only ringing I can hear;  is the ringing from my computer. After the 3rd call and a Tasmanian devil type run-thru my messenger bag, I’m stumped. I try calling from my Skype one more time, and then I hear the most faint ringing coming from the kitchen. When did I have my phone in the kitchen, and at that very moment, I realized just how smart I really am, “Duh T, you put it in the lunchbox so you wouldn’t drop it getting off the Metro!”Low and behold, there’s my cell phone sitting in the front pocket of my lunchbox in the refrigerator. My room mate and I agreed that  I should really take my tired butt to bed, because this was just ridiculous. I had to share because I’m sure I’m not the only person who does silly crazy stuff when I’m tired. Below is the picture of my fashionable lunchbox…in my own defense, it looks like a purse. Since I don’t sleep for long periods of time these days, I’ll probably post later on my weekend outing…It was so much fun

You’d make the same mistake, go on admit it.