About Miss Pretty As A Peacock


Welcome, Welcome, and Welcome! I have created Miss Pretty As A Peacock as a way to interact and share my experiences, lessons learned, and my adventures in randomness (my funny adventures and shenanigans, often with my closest friends who are just as silly and even more adventurous than myself). I love to write, laugh, encouraging & empowering others is also a passion of mine.

  If you’re wondering why I picked a peacock, I’ll be happy to share that too…. It’s not just because I fell in love with this majestic and beautiful bird many years ago, and yes I am well aware that the “peacock” is actually a male bird.  However,  after some research I found a few words that symbolized the Peacock and I see myself incorporating them into everyday life; Compassion, IntegrityVision, Spirituality, Awakening, Guidance, Protection, and Watchfulness. The more I researched peacock symbolism, the more I knew my path was meant to be. I’m not sure where or how far my blog journey will take me, but you’re definitely welcome along for the ride. I only ask that comments be respectful in nature. 

~ Enjoy and Thank You For Visiting ~

Late Nite Studying   “Tee”

Are you looking to contact me? Email me: prettyasapeacock21@gmail or fill out the form below.

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