On Hiatus….until mid-November

Hello Hello Hello!

Yes,  I have been away for almost 6 months, but I will be back…soon-ish. Here’s a brief re-cap of what I’ve been up to:

Settled into my new job and looking forward to where this chapter of my career takes me.

Graduated from my Bachelor’s program (long time coming)!

A few days before my lease renewal in Silver Spring, I decided I was moving into the District. I was not feeling that commute to work at all, nope nuh uh. Three weeks later, Mommy dearest and one of my closest friend’s were assisting me with what we now refer to as the  “3 Chics and a Uhaul” event.

Mom “vacationed” here with me for almost a month….if that’s what she wants to call it, we did get to go see “The Lion King”, hang out a bit, and I took her to #JRINK Juicery, which is probably by far one of her favorite places in DC now.

Worked the 2014 Naturalista Hair Show http://thenaturalistahairshow.com, assisted with putting together the Competition.

Found a Master’s program that fits with my demanding life/work schedule, sort of. I’m still getting used to the workload and managing a life between 9hr work days and 3 classes.

With all that being said, I had planned to do a re-brand over the summer and it just didn’t happen (Life), as I’m re-adjusting my schedule and closing out a few other commitments, I’ve realized it would be best to come back mid-November; #FRESH, #ENERGIZED, and READY TO ROCK! So yes, the blog is on hiatus until mid-November. I will be attending the V-WISE National Conference http://whitman.syr.edu/vwise/  on behalf of K&K and I will be at Blogalicious #BeGreat6 http://beblogalicious.com Social Squad!!!


Take Care & Hugs all around.


2 thoughts on “On Hiatus….until mid-November

  1. good girl, I am praying for your energy to do your new job, and master work, and of course take care of your health. Love grandma Eunice.


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