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Something Like A Love Letter #DearBlogalicious

Pool Party 2012Dear Blogalicious Family,

I’m so glad I get the opportunity to see you all once again, its like an old school down-south family reunion. The past few weeks I’ve been reminiscing about times I’ve shared and spent with many of you over the last year, the experiences, and positive people I’ve met along the way.

I met the DMV crew of Bloaglicious while volunteering with my my dear friend Maisie Dunbar, for their pool party in preparation for Blogalicious12. I must say it was definitely divine intervention, Stacey, Xina, Jazzy, Amber, Nicole, Nae, Jamelah, and soo many more people immediately pulled me in and embraced me as one of their own…and I had only been blogging for about a month. Can you say NOVICE?

Needless to say initially I had absolutely no intention of attending the conference in Las Vegas, I had just started a new job and was not trying to bounce out on some leave/vacation, plus I was still a bit shy about mingling with a bunch of women I didn’t really know. At some point though, this idea just kept coming back, Go to Vegas, Go to Vegas…so I tagged along with Maisie since she’d have a display for BluffaJo (her amazing makeup line) and she too encouraged me to network my bum off and learn more about social media.

Then the big day came, the trip to Vegas was ehhh ok, but man once we got there we hit the gound running, setting up, making contact, and oh yeah getting settled at our hotel, which by the way was not at the Red Rock; word to the wise….NEVER WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE  TO BOOK FOR BLOGALICIOUS..major party foul…lol. Regardless Maisie and I got it all together just in time to hit the tweetup party. What a way to break the ice with other attendees. Wow, all I could think of was how friendly and personable everyone was. The next few days were such a blur, all the sessions, and people. Everyone was just so happy, every introduction heart-felt, NO DRAMA period. I was in heaven, what a diverse group of people, they were so cool, and ready to do whatever was needed to get each other connected, I LOVED this; I knew I could call this my new family away from home. The networking and intermingling wasn’t the only thing that caught my attention, EVERYTHING WAS FUN!!! From Tea Parties to McDonalds…oh yeah and then there was Doug E. FreshIMG_0869

…SAY WHAAT? Man, I couldn’t remember the last time I had had that much fun in a weekend and with absolutely no shenanigans. The weekend went by fast but little did I know this was only the beginning of my ongoing love affair with the Blogalicious Family.

Blogalicious12Over the past year I’ve gone to events that were either sponsored by Blogalicious itself or its amazing community members…actually they are more like family seriously. It Blogalicious was having an event, I was either there or tweeting my “oh how I miss n luv y’all”.

On a very personal note this community that is Blogalicious has given me just as much love as I have given them.So I just want to say, HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY BLOGALICIOUS!!! May we celebrate many many more together, and Thank You for Encouraging and Believing in Me!


BlogaliciousFIVE!!!!! Gadget Prep

Just a few weeks until the 2013 Blogalicious Conference!

I’m pretty excited and looking forward to seeing some old friends and meeting many new ones. This year I will be volunteering and lending a hand.

This year’s theme is CREATE.BUILD.FUND. How fitting for all of the things I’m trying to do in preparing for starting my own small business and much needed information for our NPO (

Even though I’ve been super busy with school and work, I have been able to take a look at the schedule of events  to see what sessions are being offered that I’ll want to go to….in between my volunteer duties that is.

It’s going to be great.

I missed the Google+ Hangout with Justice Fergie and Brotha Tech ( check it out here ) , but I pulled it up on YouTube to hear what gadgets I should consider adding to my arsenal ( last year I ran into a power issue when my phone died mid-day……newbie move lol ). Plus I haven’t made the decision yet (lack of funds) as to which tablet I want to get I’ve been back and forth since the BlogaTech event a few months ago….

Microsoft Surface RT:

Microsoft Surface RT


The iPadblack iPad w Retina display

(I feel like I’m cheating on the Apple family, but I’m working off a budget here man 🙂

So far it looks like I’m set this year, I have my mophie charger for my iPhone, external power pack, and my Verizon MiFi, oh yes, I’ve learned my lesson 🙂

tech stuff Well this is only the beginning of my BlogaliciousFive prep blogs.  I guess next I’ll have to post my super essentials, the stuff I just can’t live without from my favorite luggage to the gotta-have-it hair products and makeup.

Tell me, what do you think you ABSOLUTELY must have with you for Conferences or travel of any sort? Leave me a comment below.

It’ September….Already?!!!!

Whew, can you guys believe how fast this year is flying by? I sure can’t. Feels like I’m in slow motion and everything else is going warp speed, so let me try and catch up quickly ( I have mad studying to get done).

August flew by pretty quickly and  I barley had a chance to write, between catching up with school and work, with being out for the surgery there were days when I didn’t know which way was up…or down for that matter. Finished the Summer Semester and went right into Fall Semester a week later, but hey at least I only have a Fall and Winter semester and then I’m FINISHED!!! Which also means  I have some grown-up decisions to make as well. Like, Will I be going to Grad school right away or do I want to find a job outside of interning to beef up the account? and What do I want to study if I plan on going to Grad school? Actually, I already have my mind made up on that, fill you in later…much later. Depending on what I decide will also depend on if I stay here in the DMV or find employment elsewhere once my student internship is up…maybe back overseas in some capacity.  I have to tell you guys, I really want to jump  feet first into my passion for helping others and traveling (outside the U.S.). Maybe not always in the Human Services/ Criminal Justice side of the house…but in some type of liaison capacity.

I will say though that I went out a few weeks ago for a friend’s birthday and I haven’t laughed so hard and had that much fun in years ( literally like 5 yrs man)…a much needed break from the monotony of work, school, work, and Netflix. Sooo, I have decided to surround myself with people who make me laugh and encourage me to come out of my cave; ENCOURAGE…NOT PUSH, because sometimes this pretty lil peacock needs her alone time 🙂

Honestly, I’ve missed writing about my random adventures and events I might pop-in on and help out with…but lately its been more about on the grind and less about enjoying time…That WILL BE CHANGING. I realized that the reason I’ve lost track of time is because I’m really not enjoying life, I’m too busy worrying and trying to fix stuff instead of just doing it.

So with September here already, I have my work cut out for me, but as always I’m going to do my best to stay above board and smile during the process.

How are you feeling about how quickly 2013 is flying by? What deadlines or events are rolling around quickly for you that you need to prep for? Let me know.

Sorry no pics to add for today. xoxo