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Randomness!! August 12, 2013

Hey Hey Pretties,

Here’s today’s bit of randomness:

– I’ve finished the Summer Semester…only to more to go until (Tap Dance!!)

– Took a minute to send a few tweets for our #nonprofit organization page…have soo much more to do (upload pics, bios, current projects)…whew I’m dizzy just thinking about it. @kandkworldwide

– Last but certainly not least, I shared a smile  and a hug today:-) Felt pretty awesome.

P.S. ……apparently I’ve been so busy, WordPress had to remind me about my Blogiversary….”Gotts ta do mo betta”  or in proper English terms, I have to do better keeping up…lol 🙂


Wishing you all a wonderful week full of smiles, accomplishments, and laughter.