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She’s Alive!!!!

Hello beautiful people. I know I’ve been away for a good little bit (2 months), but I haven’t forgot about my blog. I’ve been so busy with work, school, the apartment move, more school, and oh yes….surgery.

– I’m excited to share that my last set of classes end in February 2014. Hallelujah!!!! I’ll be done with this Bachelor’s degree and I’m already looking at a Master’s program; I’ll share more on that at a later time ūüôā

The move from a two bedroom apartment with my room mate and dear friend went semi-ok. Between having to move both our stuff out of a 2bdrm, pack the uHaul, offload my things in storage, and humbly stay at my cousin’s for a week until the new place was ready, a bit irritating since the new apartment was in the same building as our old apartment( just moved from the 11th to the 14th).

On to work, I’ll keep this part short n sweet, our furlough days started I believe in May, and by now quite honestly the only positive thing to say in regards to furloughs is that I’d take it over being unemployed! In an optimistic view, it’s an extra day to get school and personal stuff done.

On the social side of things I’m busy as a bee, our non-profit Facebook (¬†and Twitter¬†@kandkworldwide¬†page are up, please check us out, and feel free to follow us. We’re in the process of some new projects here stateside and of course with those we partnership with abroad.

2013 K&L Logo

2013 K&L Logo


Last but not least, surgery! It was a two-fold kind of situation; I needed to have what they called de quarvain’s release on my right hand (cast for 2 wks) and I needed someone to help me out a bit. Initially I was set on doing it all alone, then I read more and more on what I couldn’t do sooooo….I called in the ultimate caretaker, My Mommy! Mommy is currently on Summer Break from the school she works at so it was perfect timing. She came for 2 wks, escorted me to and from my surgery and she kicked it while I recovered:-) It wasn’t a good 12hrs after her departure, that I was wishing she had stayed longer. I’ll write more on my cast experience later this week





For someone who had surgery, don't I look like I'm in good spirits?

For someone who had surgery, don’t I look like I’m in good spirits?

Mommy and I at Union Station waiting for her to go back to SC

Mommy and I at Union Station waiting for her to go back to SC




Well my beautiful people, that’s all the news fit to print.I hope you are all having a Safe and Wonderful Summer. Wear your Sunblock, Drink plenty of fluids, Enjoy Life and each other!

P.S upcoming events for a few of my favorite places, will be out shortly.