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Quick Note…Transitioning

Hello Lovelies,

Just wanted to drop a quick note and make an official announcement…… Drum Roll Please

I’m transitioning to a Plant Based Lifestyle!!! (Crowd goes wild)

Yes, I’ve decided after much consideration, a lot of Netflix, YouTube, and nerding it up in some books, I have enough information and gumption to make a very necessary change in my eating habits and daily lifestyle. I thought it was going to be really hard, especially because I really love certain foods, but after giving myself a few trials and finidng great replacements…I’m so IN. So Juicing and Fresh Plant Cooking in….processed, overly sweet, and seasoned foods out! Don’t be surprised if you see some crazy delicious pictures and posts from my kitchen. Before you comment let me say this; I’m not calling myself I’m a Vegetarian or a Vegan…though that may come further down the line, I am however making conscious efforts to change.  I know of a few people that are transitioning as well and I’m so happy for the support already. What about you, do you have more of a Plant Based Diet? Are you a Vegetarian or Vegan? Do you Juice (veggies and fruits)? If so share your recipes and experiences.

Have a Great Saturday Everyone and EAT YOUR VEGGIES!

This smells soo good in the juicer first thing in the morning.

This smells soo good in the juicer first thing in the morning.



Grocery Shopping Adventure…

So today I went on my lil “Eating Green” shopping excursion. I’m always armed with my book bag, cooler bag, and re-usable shopping bag( today I took the Levi’s bag I got in Kenya); I thought I was doing great, got all my awesome veggies and fruits, my milk (SO Delicious Coconut milk), some bread, and T.P. Sounds simple enough right, just a few necessities for the week…Wrong! My Levi’s bag broke a quarter of the way home and I had to “phone” a friend for help.

My Levi’s bag has made it thru Africa and other various countries…but not todays shopping trip.

SMH, I also called my Mom to tell her the funny story as I stood waiting, only she didn’t see too much humor in it since she told me to get a cart months ago. So I promised I would do so as soon as I got home 🙂
Moral to this story…LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER!!!! I did however buy a pretty cool cart on Amazon, can’t wait for it to come in.
Has anyone else had this happen when shopping or did you ever run into a situation where something your mother told you to do ages ago comes back to bite you in the tush? If so let’s hear it.
Hears my new cart by the way…

My new best friend for shopping!