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February Passed Me By!!!!

Well, it’s the 27th of February and I have to admit I did not meet my goal for posts. Now, if you’re asking “T, how could you have not met your post goal?” Let me explain. I just finished a pretty rough semester in school; a good semester but still rough. Forensic Psychology, Criminal Procedures, and Cultural Diversity…a semester full of constant reports, research, and discussions. Plus that full-time intern job kept me busy too. I know I can do it and I have so many people supporting and encouraging me, but quite honestly this past semester made me want to run off somewhere and chill for a month, HA! No break for the weary I started my next semester a week later. Now I’m at the point where I realize I can’t stop and refuse take another extended break until I’m finished…Heck I only have 8 CLASSES LEFT after the Spring Semester! So I’m on my school grind. Work had me pretty busy as well; new initiatives, more responsibilities, and late nights (lol) I’ve realized I am trusted and appreciated. Interning has its benefits!

Now on another note, I have started mixing some homemade products and have come to realize I’ve got a knack for it, so now I’m working on my recipes and a small business plan. So far the samples I’ve given out have come back with awesome reviews. A Big Thank You to everyone whose given me feedback thus far. I’ll post pictures soon. ¬†February has passed me by but I promised I’ve been productive. Better ¬†goal posts in March!