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Excuse Me…..I have something to say.

The last few weeks have been full of me trying to stay on top of my school work, keeping up at work, and doing my best to get back on track with my weight loss (I de-railed something major when a health issue came up in October), but that’s not what this post is about.

Today as I went through my day at work, laughing with my co-workers and doing my research for my weekly discussion in Forensic Psychology Class (just one of the 3 classes I’m taking this semester) I realized how much I appreciate the season I’m in right now. No everything isn’t as sweet as Apple Pie; but I know I’m were I’m supposed to be, surrounded by people who constantly encourage me and genuinely want to see me grow and prosper. I have family closer to me now than I’ve ever had in my entire adult life. I live in what I dare to say one of the most awesome places for young, independent go-getters. I LOVE IT HERE! I’m finally working through what I need to with Veteran’s Affairs as well. The thing I wanted to get off my chest today though, is the fact that I LOVE BEING ME!!!!

I don’t have to be what other people expect me to be ‘cuz I’m pretty freakin awesome (That’s the dork in me speaking, she comes out about once a day 🙂 ). But seriously I mean it, for awhile when I came back from overseas, I had no clue what to do with myself, I was so used to taking care of other people and not used to taking time out for me, that I was really beginning to lose who I truly was. Well she’s baaaaack, that creative, independent, persistent young lady my family and friends have grown to love has finally returned, not at 100% but pretty darn close. I’m putting my thoughts into action and believing in myself a whole heck of a lot more. No more stressing about being 30, not married and on my way to the house with the picket fence and lil ones to take care of. That’s not to say I don’t want it, but I realized today, I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO KEEP UP. I love being on my own and only being responsible for me right now…IT’S A RELIEF!!! I have time to “GET MY MIND RIGHT” and focus on school and a few other things I want to accomplish, this blog being one of them. There is nothing wrong with settling down at a young age, please don’t take this the wrong way, but for me…I haven’t reached that point, and until I do, I will be happy in my season of “JUST TLH” and enjoy it, embrace it, and be THANKFUL!


That is all 🙂

Hello 2013!

I’m not doing resolutions per say for 2013, but I am doing goals and lifestyle changes. So listed are a few things I want to accomplish in 2013.

1. Take more pictures: This may sound a little off but I actually don’t like my picture taken that often, but with my hair journey, one of my best friend’s wedding coming up,  and my fitness goals; I realize I definitely need to actually see my progress.

2. Socialize a little more: I’m not into crowds or a lot of noise and ruckus, but I do like to get out and socialize every now and then…My goal is to do at least one social event a month.

3. Put myself first a bit more: Anyone who knows me knows that I’m more about doing for others than myself. This year though I plan to do better, more “ME” pampering and more field trips to no where…just how I like it.

4. Schedule and manage my time better: I work full time, I’m in school full time, and I really want to blog more, and I absolutely need to get my butt back in workout mode…I need to make a schedule of everything, all the way down to alerts on my phone!

Sooooooooooo… Hello and Welcome 2013, I’m looking forward to enjoying all 362 more days of you!