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Event for a cause

If you live in the DMV area and want to attend an awesome event for a cause, come down to Maisie Dunbar Spa and Lounge. Please see the attached flyer for specific details.


Size does matter….sort of!

I know I’ve been promising some posts, but between work and classes starting plus some other significant developments, I’ve been seriously busy. I did however feel the need to share an amazing bit of news…for awhile now my weight has fluctuated back and forth, more like a love-hate relationship with the scale. In May I weighed 238lbs, today after logging my weight into my Health Buddy (yet another post I need to do), I now weigh 214lbs! I’ve been doing a combination of a few things but definitely one thing I haven’t done is starve myself. I love certain parts of my body so now I joke about wearing certain clothes and how some of my clothes actually just kinda sag on me. The only reason my size matters to me is because it’s apart of me, apart of my story; struggle and all, and I’m so proud to be making progress…finally.
Remember to Love yourself! Gotta go, I have homework to complete before official bedtime.
ps check out this pretty peacock by Momental Designs created for yours truly! Kristy Rice and her staff are awesome, check them out at


Adventures in Randomness: Story# 1…Go to bed T!

So we’ve all been to that point where we get so tired we just do silly and quite dumb stuff. Well today, was one of those days for me for sure. It started around 1:30 this afternoon at work, when I realized I had 2 spreadsheets saved with the same name but saved in different locations, and one of them I had started last week and never finished, all the new information I put in today was in the older version instead of the newer one that had more data in it. Then, after finishing up a different spreadsheet, printing the workbook out and making the final pen and ink revisions, I not only forgot to send it to the person requesting it….I forgot to save my work (seriously I’m not normally this much of an airhead ), so needless to say I had to retype everything all over again. To top it off as I was getting off the Metro I decided to put my phone away in the most random place…My Lunchbox. After walking home, picking up the mail, and having a full-on conversation with my room mate, I go looking for my phone to finish a conversation I was having earlier with my Mommy (yes at 29 she is still my mommy)… Low and behold I can’t find my phone, please don’t tell me I left it on the Metro ( this is not good), luckily like many others, I also use Skype. So what does this little genius peacock do? I call my cell from my skype…but I hear nothing, now I’m frantic! I ask my roommate if she hears anything and she asks if that’s my Skype ringing, I tell her yes because the only ringing I can hear;  is the ringing from my computer. After the 3rd call and a Tasmanian devil type run-thru my messenger bag, I’m stumped. I try calling from my Skype one more time, and then I hear the most faint ringing coming from the kitchen. When did I have my phone in the kitchen, and at that very moment, I realized just how smart I really am, “Duh T, you put it in the lunchbox so you wouldn’t drop it getting off the Metro!”Low and behold, there’s my cell phone sitting in the front pocket of my lunchbox in the refrigerator. My room mate and I agreed that  I should really take my tired butt to bed, because this was just ridiculous. I had to share because I’m sure I’m not the only person who does silly crazy stuff when I’m tired. Below is the picture of my fashionable lunchbox…in my own defense, it looks like a purse. Since I don’t sleep for long periods of time these days, I’ll probably post later on my weekend outing…It was so much fun

You’d make the same mistake, go on admit it.

It’s Saturday!

It’s Saturday!

Most people normally sleep in and chill all day…not me! I’ve been up since 7:00 am, ok more like 4:30 am and just wished I was asleep, but I’m excited because someone who I admire a GREAT DEAL invited me to an event.

Want to know who it is?

Well if you live in Silver Spring, Maryland or the Washington, D.C. area, like I do then it’s really hard to not know who Maisie Dunbar is; first off she’s the owner of Maisie Dunbar Spa & Lounge, she’s also a Celebrity Nail & Body Therapist, but that’s not it. Ms. Maisie is also the creator and owner of BluffaJo cosmetics. She stays pretty busy and is almost always on the go, just listening to her schedule makes me dizzy some days. Talking with Ms. Maisie, her friends, associates, and clients makes me realize that being positive, having a good work ethic, desire, determination, and drive are all key ingredients for success.

Don’t worry there’s so much more I want to and can say but that’ll come from her interview!

 Be Safe and remember to Smile Today!!!

Hello There!

Hi, I’m T and welcome to my blog, or as I like to call it…a look into Chapter 3 of my journey through life. Why Chapter 3 you ask? It’s simple, as I’m about to turn 30 (and proud of it); I’ve realized that there are certain phases I’ve gone through as an “Adult”.

– Chapter 1: My Journey from underneath my parents roof and welcomed with open arms into the United States Air Force.

– Chapter 2: My decision to become a contractor and choosing to work in Afghanistan and Iraq for a few years.

– Chapter 3: My return to the United States, to civilian life, and truly being on my own.

Chapter 3 is my now, and I’ve found it so far to be full of lessons learned, building up my own and many of my friends confidence, and encouraging everyone to be happy and appreciate life. When I moved to the D.C. Metro area, I knew three people who were already settled here; one of my closest and dearest friends who we’ll call Miss K, my cousin Tina, and one of my first deployment buddies, Mr. C. When I first came out here, these three did their best to keep me encouraged as I looked for employment and tried to figure out the lay of the land (not so easy for a girl who is definitely not used to public transportation). There are also a few major hurdles I’m currently trying to overcome…my aversion for crowds and being a bit shy.

So here, I’ll share my goofy thoughts and experiences, my love for taking pictures (of everything and everyone except myself), the cultural diversity here, my push to get out and about and truly enjoy life, and last but not least my natural hair journey along the way.

Whoops, I almost forgot to tell you where my title came from. I have a love, well more like an obsession with peacocks. I believe they are some of the most beautiful birds around. I also looked up the symbolism of a peacock and found this to be most fitting:

~ The Peacock depicts matchless beauty, pure ecstasy, and boundless joy forever.~